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-Jolene Medeiros,
Founder of Destiny's Hope Animal Rescue


Destiny’s Hope Animal Rescue originated one Sunday afternoon when I received a phone call regarding a pit bull that had been dumped at a river in the central valley of California.

It was the most heartbreaking sight when I met this sweet girl.

She was brought to me in a plastic crate and at that moment, I named her Destiny.

Destiny was the worst case physically I ever seen. She was extremely emaciated, and had an abdominal mass that had ruptured- I later found out it was cancer. She also had multiple open wounds and ticks that covered her body.

From the moment I got her, Destiny never left my side. She came with me to work every day, and during the short time she was with me, she gave limitless love and enormous trust. Destiny was an extraordinary and optimistic dog, and she deserved a life that illustrated her spirit. Most importantly, I promised Destiny that I would do all I could to make sure I was able to help other rescue cases similar to hers, and give the same love and hope that Destiny branded my soul and desire with to be their angel, as she was mine. My only wish was that I had crossed paths with Destiny sooner in life, just to have a little longer; to right, as many of all wrongs, she had survived thru. Destiny was a true warrior, she passed away in my arms one afternoon, a short 40 days after I met her, but Destiny forever touched my heart and soul along with many others who followed her story.

Destiny was my angel, she gave me the courage to officially take the necessary steps to establish my own nonprofit animal rescue, keeping true to my promise I made her. I dedicated the rescue in her name and established Destiny’s Hope Animal Rescue. Destiny’s Journey of Hope really is the foundation of this rescue and I decided this would be a rescue that wholeheartedly takes in all animals! We are dedicated to the welfare of animals and rescue seniors, medical cases, abused and the abandoned. We do not discriminate breed, size, or age.

I truly appreciate your support and welcome you to Destiny's Hope Animal Rescue!

-Jolene, Founder

Destiny's Hope Animal Rescue
Destiny's Hope Animal Rescue
Destiny's Hope Animal Rescue
Destiny's Hope Animal Rescue
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